Theme :Safer Food Better Health.

ON 7TH JUNE 2022


World Food Safety Day is celebrated annually on 7th June to draw attention and mobilize action to prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks and improve human health. 
WHO announced the theme for this year’s World Food Safety Day, “Safer food, better health” and launched the campaign to inspire global participation.

Safe food is one of the most critical guarantors for good health. Unsafe foods are the cause of many diseases and contribute to other poor health conditions, such as impaired growth and development, micronutrient deficiencies, noncommunicable or communicable diseases and mental illness. Globally, one in ten people are affected by foodborne diseases annually.

The campaign stresses the need to transform food systems to deliver better health in a sustainable manner in order to prevent most foodborne diseases. Food systems policy-makers, practitioners and investors are invited to reorient their activities to increase the sustainable production and consumption of safe foods in order to improve health outcomes.

We are calling everyone to join the World Food Safety Day campaign to ensure safe food for all.
WHO and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) jointly facilitate the observance of World Food Safety Day, in collaboration with Member States and other stakeholders.Join us in a live talk show on NTV on 7th June 2022 at 7am-9am as we talk about Food Safety.


Godfrey Nyang’ori

Programme Manager AgriFI Food Safety Programme, MESPT

Mr. Nyang’ori is a development practitioner with 13 years of experience, having a strong focus on agricultural value chain development for rural communities’ livelihoods and economic empowerment. His experience is largely in capacity building for increased productivity, food safety, and sustainable development.

Nyang’ori has worked for different institutions, holding different positions. He is also a passionate researcher actively engaged in fieldwork, especially in rural areas.

He is currently finalizing his Ph.D. in Project Management at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology. He holds an MSc degree from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology and a Bachelor of Business Management.

Brendah Sikolo Obura

Head Food Safety Division,
Ministry of Health Kenya

Brenda is a Public Health Specialist and holds a BSC. Degree in Environmental Health Sciences and MSC. in Health Management from Kenyatta University.  She has over 15years of experience in food safety. She is a Lead Instructor in Food Safety and coordinates multi-sectoral collaboration with other agencies and ministries dealing with food safety, resource mobilization providing policy direction on food safety in the country, county capacity building, and surveillance of food products. She has provided technical assistance in the development of various Food Safety Standards and Guidelines. She is the INFOSAN Focal person for the MOH and represents the country in different international fora. She has a great passion for empowering the public on Food Safety.

Grace Muchemi

Ag. General Manager Analytical Services
Pest Control Products Board (PCPB)

Grace holds a bachelor’s degree in Botany and Chemistry from Egerton University, Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry from Kenyatta University.

Grace is Acting General Manager in Analytical Services Department at Pest Control Products Board (PCPB). Has over 25 years of experience in laboratory services.  She has participated in several fora and activities on food safety both locally and internationally. She believes that health is wealth and therefore Safe Food, Better Health. She collaborates with like minds to contribute to the National economic and social development by empowering stakeholders through compliance with legal, regulatory and market requirements and standards. She enhances consumer safety through the provision of safe foods by practicing Good Agricultural and Good Manufacturing practices, SPS, and food safety measures from farm to folk through a food control system with fit infrastructure and competent human resources at both National and County governments.

Dr. Charles Ochodo

Head Veterinary Governance and Management support services

Dr. Charles Ochodo is a Senior Deputy Director of Veterinary Services and the current Head of Veterinary Governance and Policy at the Directorate of Veterinary Services. Previously he worked as a field veterinary officer in different regions of Kenya and as a lecturer at the Meat Training Institute, Athi River. Dr. Ochodo holds a PhD degree in Environmental Science from Egerton University, a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science from Egerton University and a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Nairobi.

Dr. Ochodo has presented scientific papers to various audiences and published in peer reviewed journals. He is a registered member of the Kenya Veterinary Board.