Chairman's Message

Feel free to navigate our website for more information on what distinguishes us as one of the leading development organization in Kenya. We work with development partners/ donors and investors to build the capacity of the business services sector and the agricultural sector.

For close to 2 decades now, we have earned a reputation of building a more prosperous society by helping solve pressing challenges such as Climate Change, Acess to Finance, Food Safety, and Women & Youth unemployment. We have been providing sustainable solutions through our business model that enables beneficiaries to access capital, increase agricultural productivity and access markets. We play a critical role of enhancing financial inclusion to spur economic growth and have implemented programmes that are critical to keeping our country food secure, as well as promoting and supporting use of resource efficient, clean and climate sensitive technologies and solutions for use in the agriculture value chain and at household levels.

As a potential customer/beneficiary, a small holder farmer, an SME, a partner, or a future employee, I hope you find it worthwhile to engage with this great institution.

Our History

MESPT was started as a Programme (Micro Enterprises Support Programme -MESP), by the Government of Kenya and the European Union. The Programme was implemented from December 1997 to December 2003. In 2002, The Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust -MESPT was established by the Government of Kenya (GoK) and the European Union(EU) and later by the Royal Danish Government -DANIDA, to assume and continue with the activities of the Micro-Enterprises Support Programme.

The Trust’s mandate has since been expanded with an increase in the Programme activities largely supported by DANIDA. The Trust’s first operations began in January 2003 and started by offering wholesale loans in line with a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Trust, the EU and GoK. At inception, the EU donated Euros 4,417,000.00 (KES 420 Million then), as the seed capital for the wholesale loan portfolio. The seed capital has grown over 5 folds and was crucial in addressing the gap in affordable and accessible lending especially for many unbanked and rural people in Kenya.  

The Present

MESPT is mandated to support sustainable economic growth and development of Small Holder Farmers, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), through a value chain approach and offers sustainable credit to financial institutions for improved business competitiveness and job creation.

The Trust’s focus is to facilitate support and provision of integrated financial and business development services for small holder farmers and MSMEs in Kenya. This is aimed at enabling beneficiaries to access finance, increase agricultural productivity, agro-processing, and access markets/ trade opportunities.  For over a decade, MESPT has partnered with development agencies, donors, and investors to build the capacity of the business services sector and the agricultural sector in Kenya through our unique tripartite business model that links Farmers, SMEs and Financial Institutions -creating linkages along value chains.

cumulative achievement in numbers

KES 6.2 billion disbursed

to Financial Institutions & SMEs

250,000 end users accessing finance

through 55 financial products developed with 30 financial institutions

Partnership with 13 counties

to increased food safety awareness and establishment of County Food Safety Committees as well as passage of critical food safety legislation

70,000 Jobs created

at various levels of the market systems

100,000 farmers engaged in various value chains

in various value chains & benefiting from linkages with input suppliers and output markets

600 youth led enterprises

Supported under our programmes

KES 6.8 billion total sales turnover

realized by the targeted small holder farmers

6,000 farmers certified in food safety market standards

, accessing international markets, and generating premium prices

Promoted over 15 green technologies

across target regions with more than 3,000 small holder farmers adopting the technologies for use

Our Mandate

To support the growth and development of micro, small and medium enterprises for improved business competitiveness and poverty reduction.

To build a prosperous society

To facilitate sustainable business development and financial services to small holder farmers and Agri SME’s in Kenya.

To help build a more prosperous society.



MESPT values excellence in service provision, leadership, people development, managing long term relationship. Our strategies shall aim at continual improvements in our systems, products and services diversification, reliability, accessibility and affordability.


MESPT will always operate ethically, act with professionalism and honesty, treat people with respect, fairness and dignity, and being open and transparent in decision making.


MESPT shall promote an innovative culture and attitude and encouraging everyone to think differently to make a difference and strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity to everything we do. Creativity and Innovation shall ever remain a key driver for our growth by remaining open to new ideas; looking for ways to improve processes and seeking creative solutions for our clients.


MESPT is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We strive to create a work environment that provides all our staff and associates equal access to information, development and opportunity.