Credit & Business Development

provides sustainable access to finance and business development services

MESPT provides sustainable access to finance and business development services to MSMEs and financial institutions. The objective of our services is to achieve desired socio-economic impact among the end users.

Our financial solutions and services are geared towards increased financial inclusion, enhanced productivity, accelerated development & growth of MSMEs for job and employment creation. Major sectors of focus include agriculture, Climate smart/ renewable energy and general enterprises aligned to MESPT mission and goals.

Our numbers in credit: –

KES 6.2 Billion cumulatively

disbursed to Financial Institutions & SMEs

36 Financial Institutions

have benefited from our sustainable financing

Today, we are further committed to expanding the impact of our products and services across the micro, small and medium enterprise sector thereby cascading innovation, enterprise, market-building strategies, linkages in addition to supporting and financing green growth enterprises / programs. This will in turn advance our Vision and Mission towards the alleviation of poverty though creation of employment in micro-enterprises.

MESPT offers reliable, flexible and affordable financial terms in the financial industry in Kenya.

Eligibility Criteria for Financial Institutions: -

  • The institution must be incorporated in Kenya with full or partial local ownership, compliance with the licensing /legal requirements.
  • It should have a minimum 500 active clients
  • Should have minimum performing portfolio of 10M

For assessment, the MFI/bank/Sacco should provide the following: -

  • 4 years audited accounts
  • Business Plan/ Strategic Plan /or Current Action Plans
  • Collateral

The Financial Institution should also: -

  • Have an appropriate governance structure.
  • Demonstrate strong demand for products and services in its areas of operation
  • Provide evidence or commitment that they will use the funds for the intended purpose.
  • Demonstrate acceptable accounting and internal control systems.

We are keen to initiate discussions on your financing needs with a view of extending a term loan for you to on lending.

For more information on Our Product Offering, Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for a loan application, 

Loan Application Forms can be downloaded