The National Green Growth Conference & Exhibition Kenya

The National Green Growth Conference was born to champion the Green Growth agenda in Kenya by bringing together stakeholders at a forum that seeks to share knowledge and explore avenues to synergize efforts.  It draws its relevance in addressing challenges in Green Growth and sharing experiences and opportunities of the same at a lower level to reach the grass root players. The national conference was started in 2014 and has been gaining momentum over the years with participation drawn from development organizations in partnership with the private and public sectors championing Sustainable Development in Kenya. Initially, majority of participants were DANIDA implementing Partners for the Country Programme dubbed the Green Growth and Employment Programme (GGEP) 2016–2020, but this has since changed. MESPT has however remained the convener and the secretariat of the event for 4 years in a row. Certainly, the Green Growth Conference is Kenya’s largest organized annual conference that focuses on different cross-cutting issue related to green growth and sustainable development. The event is open to a wide range of stakeholders and experts and it continues to attract key household, corporate, civil society and government officials in the Energy, Agriculture, Waste management, Water resource management, Finance and Academia sectors among others. The 1st National Green Growth conference & Exhibition organized in Kenya was held in October 2014. The theme was “Unlocking Green Growth in Kenya”. The aim was to create awareness on green growth initiatives, with a focus on the roles of smart investments and Public private partnerships. The conference revealed enormous potential and avenues for both the private and public sector to partner and adopt green growth initiatives in different sectors. The 2nd National Green Growth Conference & Exhibition was held in October 2015 with its focus being “Kenya’s green growth environment and strategies for catalyzing investment”. The aim was to benchmark Kenya’s status in the global green growth arena while exploring ways of mainstreaming green growth in private sector enterprises. The conference recommended for sectorial diversity in future conferences and scale up awareness creation for green economy adoption. The 3rd National Green Growth Conference & Exhibition was held on 18th-19th October 2016. The theme was “Accelerating sustainable development through inclusive Green Growth”. This conference focused on businesses in Agriculture, transport, manufacturing, energy, water, infrastructure, and policy advocacy. The two days conference provided a forum to interrogate the progress made and the impediments encountered while implementing green growth initiatives by Private sector, civil society as well as National and County Governments. The 4th edition of the National Green Growth Conference & Exhibition was held on 12th -13th July 2018 under the theme “Key sectorial opportunities in Kenya’s green growth strategy”. The clarion call was in identifying opportunities that can be seized to improve our Triple-E (Economy, Ecology & Environment) for an inclusive social economic transformation. The conference objective was to rally collective action towards green growth intervention in 4 sectors namely, agriculture, energy, transport, and manufacturing.