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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions (MFI Banks, MFI, Sacco’s & Credit Only Institutions)

We offer affordable and sustainable credit to financial institutions/ intermediaries for on lending to micro, small and medium enterprises in general enterprise, Agribusiness, manufacturing, distribution and renewable energy and water management technologies.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 4 years audited accounts
  • Business Plan/ Strategic Plan /or Current Action Plans
  • Demonstrate ability to raise requisite collateral

Other requirements

  1. Have an appropriate governance structure.
  2. Demonstrate strong demand for products and services in its areas of operation
  3. Provide evidence or commitment that they will use the funds for the intended purpose.
  4. Demonstrate acceptable accounting and internal control systems.

Financial Requirements

Financial ParameterKey drivers




Operating Self Sufficiency


Cost income ratio<80%
Return on Assets3%
Return on Equity15%

Liquid Assets to Total short term


15% for Saccos

20% for MFIs

CapitalCore Capital to Risk Assets 10% for MFIs/ Saccos
Core Capital to Deposits 8% for MFIs/Saccos
External Debt to Total Assets 25%
External Debt to Equity

 6 times of Equity (FIs Only)

2 Times for SMEs

Asset QualityPAR>30days 10%