MESPT is Committed to Gender Equality

Posted: March 5, 2021
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We join the rest of the world in celebrating the International Women’s Day on 8th March 2021. MESPT is committed to gender equality by integrating gender parity as an indicator to a balanced workforce. Our drive is in line with Kenya’s vision 2030 which aims at mainstreaming gender equality in all aspects of society by making fundamental changes in four key areas that include opportunity, empowerment, capability, and vulnerability.

The current gender parity within the organization stands at 44% female to 56% male. This year, the Trust has chosen to celebrate its women employees as a conscious demonstration that acceleration to gender equality is priority within our organization.

Our strategic plan 2021-2025 emphasizes that our work will focus on promoting gender equity and inclusion as key pathways to achieving gender equality with women playing an important and significant role in the agricultural transformation. We are cognizant of the fact that gender equity as a pathway to gender equality is critical for the achievement of sustainable development goals. Gender equity can enhance economic growth and improve women’s economic gains which ultimately results in improved economic status at household levels.

As outlined in our strategic plan, the Trust will anchor gender equity as a key cross cutting theme and core contributor to the achievement of its strategic objectives and all interventions within programmes. We will endeavor to increase women’s access to and control of productive resources, increase decision making power at the household and community level and promote meaningful involvement of women in all our work. MESPT aims to ensure that women form 40% of all our target beneficiaries. As an organization, we are committed to gender responsive and gender transformative programming.