MESPT Profile

Who We Are

Our History

MESPT was started as a Programme (Micro Enterprises Support Programme -MESP), by the Government of Kenya and the European Union. The Programme was implemented from December 1997 to December 2003. In 2002, The Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust -MESPT was established by the Government of Kenya (GoK) and the Royal Danish Government -DANIDA, to assume and continue with the activities of the Micro-Enterprises Support Programme.

The Trust’s mandate has since been expanded with an increase in the Programme activities largely supported by DANIDA. The Trust’s first operations began in January 2003 and started by offering wholesale loans in line with a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Trust, the EU and GoK. At inception, the EU donated Euros 4,417,000.00 (KES 420 Million then), as the seed capital for the wholesale loan portfolio. The seed capital has grown over 5 folds and was crucial in addressing the gap in affordable and accessible lending especially for many unbanked and rural people in Kenya.  

Our Present

MESPT is a multi-donor entity and a leading proxy through which development partners/ donors and investors can build the capacity of the business services sector and the agricultural sector in Kenya.

Our purpose is to solve pressing challenges such as alleviation of poverty, promotion of sustainable economic growth and creation of employment for small holder farmers and other value chain actors. We provide lasting solutions through our unique business model that enables beneficiaries to access capital, increase agricultural productivity and access markets.