Whistle Blowing

Whistle Blowing

Building on our progress in fostering openness and transparency, MESPT is concerned with achieving its strategic objectives in line with its values. The Trust has a Fraud, Bribery& Corruption; Whistleblowing; Conflict of Interest Policy that helps in mitigating and dealing with any unethical behavior. Fraudulent activity of any kind, including acts where MESPT may benefit, is expressly forbidden.

How to report any incidence of fraud, bribery, or corrupt practices:
You can send an email to whistle-blower Hotmail -whistleblower@mespt.org
Reports should include the following information:

  • Suspected violation
  • Location and date of violation
  • Name of perpetrator(s)
  • Description of what was observed
  • Other witnesses and their contact information if available
  • Name of any other individuals to whom you have reported this information and date reported
  • Name and contact of the whistle-blower is encouraged

If the CEO is the subject of the alleged violation, the report is to be made to: cbot@mespt.org  which shall go to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Identity of the whistle-blower is encouraged at this level of reporting. In all instances, feedback should be received by the whistle-blower within 10 days of lodging of the report.

The earlier a concern is expressed, the easier it is to act!