Whistle Blowing

Whistle Blowing

Building on our progress in fostering openness and transparency, MESPT is concerned with achieving its strategic objectives in line with its values. Fraudulent activity of any kind, including acts where MESPT may benefit, is expressly forbidden.
MESPT is committed to conduct healthy business practices with honesty and integrity, which will not only ensure a stable employment environment for everyone but also ensure the continued future success of MESPT. For this reason, MESPT has subscribed to a service that will enable all stakeholders to report anonymously on incidences of malpractice.
The Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous hotline involves the professional services from Deloitte and is therefore totally independent of MESPT. No one will therefore know who reported the fraud or dishonest and inappropriate behaviour.

How to report any incidence of fraud, bribery, or corrupt practices

Please contact the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous Hotline today:

Toll-Free: 0800 722 626
Email: mespt@tip-offs.com
Website: www.tip-offs.com

How it works:

Make the real difference and report what you know to Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous for the good of everyone.

The earlier a concern is expressed, the easier it is to act!

Don’t support it, report it!