The Forest Challenge 2019 Edition Organizers and Corporate Partners Stage a Joint Tree Planting Exercise!

Posted: May 24, 2021
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MESPT participated in the planting of 5,000 East African Red Cider trees at Kinale Forest in old Kijabe town – Kiambu County. The objective of the exercise was to restore damaged sections of a key water tower. Kinale Forest is part of the larger Aberdare forest water tower and a major source of water for the city of Nairobi and its environs.


In November 2019, MESPT was one of the corporate sponsors of the Forest Challenge event held at Kireita Forest in Kimende -Kiambu County. Through our sponsorship, we supported the procuring of 1,000 tree seedlings out of the 15,000 targeted. 4,000 seedlings were planted on 30th November 2019 in Kireita Forest during the Forest Challenge.

The forest challenge is an annual event organized by the East African Wildlife Society (EAWLS) in partnership with Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO) and the Kenya Forest Service (KFS). The aim of the 2019 challenge was to establish a long -term, sustainable tree growing initiative in line with the Kenya’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to the reduction of carbon emission by 30% by 2030.

Additionally, the forest cover is estimated at 7.3% of the total landmass which is below the recommended global minimum of 10%. According to FAO, deforestation accounts for about 20% of the world’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. Protection of natural ecosystems and afforestation are solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emission and reduce global warming by trees drawing down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Kinale forest tree planting event

East African Wildlife Society Executive Director announced that they have henceforth adopted part of Kinale forest and intends to rehabilitate over 20 hectares of deforested area with the support of Corporate Partners, local Community Forest Association and forest challenge organizing partners. The move was applauded by the KFS officials.

Kiambu Ecosystem Conservator Mr. Karanja welcome–ed various Corporates to adopt parts of Kinale forest and other forests in Kiambu so as to combat climate change affects that are being faced by every living being in the world.

Speakers acknowledged efforts by various players in tree growing initiatives noting that concerted efforts by all including the government institutions, private sector, civil society organizations, community-based organizations and the public is paramount in the protection of natural ecosystems, ensuring clean air, safe drinking water, food security and shelter.

The Kiambu CEC Water, Environment and Natural Resources noted that he will continue to support such initiatives since he is passionate about conservation and that the county has a target to grow over 2 million trees this year.